What couples ask us before choosing us as their Wedding Photographer...

We are specialized in portraits, weddings, lifestyle, maternity and event photography. Wedding photography is our niche. We believe in the saying, that every picture tells a story, and we give our 100% to bring that story to life by providing true colour and clarity to it.

We use the best equipments possible. Nikon high end full frame digital camera, top of the range professional lenses, lightning gear and modifiers.
We use original Adobe suite softwares to give you the best quality editing.

All we believe in is client’s satisfaction. Hence, when we get a booking, we get to know all about the religious rituals of the client from various sources and in all possible ways. We are happy to say, that we have grown well and we are confident enough to shoot any traditional wedding to the satisfaction of the client.

As soon as you’ve marked your wedding day, and think of capturing all those lovely moments, we are here for you a phone call away.

We would definitely suggest meeting in person before booking. Just make a call and we are all set to meet, discuss (in detail), finalise and then pay 50% in advance to hold the date and confirm the booking.

We will try our best to fit you in our pricing packages. Making photography is a difficult and expensive activity. And we are a team who don’t compromise on our equipments or talents!

It normally takes 4-5 weeks to get the best out of your pictures, and 4-6 weeks for the video, and 6-8 weeks for wedding films. Once you select the best pictures for the album we take 20-25 days to get the best quality album.

You might be wondering 20-25 days is too long. It can be done soon too, but to get the best quality and best design as we have promised, we send it to cities like Bangalore or Hyderabad and it takes time for the courier and stuffs.
We just want you to see them in the best version of it after all the post production works are done.

Wedding photos are something anyone simply don’t want to leave to chance. We spend around at least 40 hours for a wedding, right from the first meeting till the moment we deliver the finished album and videos.
Before you leave take a moment to have a look into our gallery….. Are we still expensive!!!

Want your wedding to be perfect and memorable?

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